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May 5, 2016


The Situationist International (SI) is a key model for new social movement (NMS). As it anticipates the current self-expressive mindset and opens many of the most ingenious media strategies and more radical claims.

Heir of Dada, Surrealism and Lettrisme, it arises in the radical avant-guard of 1950s. SI wants to renew or destroy art by deliberately producing "situations" with a capacity to revolutionarily transform lives and society.

Therefore, the SI was marked by conflict and creative debate amongst its more specifically artistic members and the most politicized. We follow the evolution of the SI and its leader Debord from the beginning in Lettrisme and analyze the nature and impact of its "situations".

The situationist participation in May of 1968 is essential and they wanted it to become the most powerful "situation", self-feeding and revolutionary. The "failure" of May marked the dissolution of the SI, but its impact on the NMS remains very important.

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